Testimonials from happy Clients:

"I had a great time working with Adam on the graphics for my last CD. He was positive, full of energy, good ideas, and also really open to my own thoughts and comments... Adam's designs are always unbelievably gorgeous. I get excited to see all of his newest work, whether I'm involved in the project or not..."

-- Lissa Schneckenburger, musician

"Adam Agee has illustrated the covers and interiors for two of my chapter books, The Dragon Boy and The Dragon of Two Hearts... I could not be happier with the work he has done... Every time I had an idea for something else in the book that would enhance its presentation...Adam received the new impulse enthusiatically and added his own artistic genius to it."

-- Donald Samson, author

"Adam created a site for me that is modern, fun, and especially charming. He's a prompt, considerate, graceful communicator and he excelled at everything I asked him to do. His very insightful, artistic eye has the skills to match...highly recommended!"

-- Rita Hosking, musician

"Adam Agee is wicked pissuh', and I love him to death!"

-- Hanneke Cassel, undefined



Thank you, everyone, who helped to make this mission an amazing success. You have enabled me to purchase this incredible new tool, taking hold of a very rare and exciting opportunity. If you missed the chance to buy a coupon and would still like to find out more about my design services or studio work, contact me:

Work Phone: 303.731.3106 || Email: scratchbuilt1@yahoo.com
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If you are experiencing any difficulty with purchasing your coupon(s) or have any questions at all, feel free to contact me, and I'll see how I can help.

~ Adam

Work Phone: 303.731.3106 || Email: scratchbuilt1@yahoo.com

1. This promotion shall run until 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, February 17, 2010, or until 25 coupons have been sold, whichever happens first.

2. Coupon must be redeemed on or before November 1, 2010. In order to redeem your coupon, simply contact me and we'll start talking about ideas. Completion of the project is guaranteed within 30 days of coupon redemption.

3. This offer is for 125 single-color, 11"x17" letterpress-printed posters, printed on a neutral-color, 100-lb paper or similar. If you would like to modify your coupon to include a larger print run, additional colors, additional design hours, or special paper options, you may do so at additional, going-rate cost.

4. If you should so desire, you may apply your coupon toward other design work instead of the poster offer. in this case, the coupon is worth 10 complimentary hours of custom design, illustration, or web development.

5. ART OPTION: If you prefer, you may exchange your coupon for one framed, 11"x17," 3-color, limited-edition, letterpress-printed art image. The image, which is to loosely follow the theme of "Mermaid Ritual," has not yet been created. This option is best suited to those who are familiar with my artwork and interested to collect a piece, sight-unseen. The Art Option prints will be shipped on or before November 1, 2010.

6. Because I plan to use the money from the sale of these coupons to immediately invest in the press, the sale of all coupons must be final, and refunds cannot be given.

7. The coupon is entirely transferrable and may be redeemed by anyone, not only the buyer.

8. The shipping included in this offer is for standard, flat-rate Postal shipping within the continental United States. If you would like international or expedited shipping, I will pay for up to $20.00 of the expense, and I will ask you to pay the remainder.

9. Please note, the coupon pictured on the webpage exists only in digital form. When purchasing a coupon, you are buying the goods and services represented by the coupon as stated in this offer; your name will be recorded and you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase. No physical, paper coupon is necessary to redeem the value of your purchase.


1. The winner of the Referral Prize is entitled to receive, for free, the same goods and services specified by the standard coupon, except the print run shall be increased to 200 posters, and the design shall include 2 colors instead of one. If one of the people you referred was yourself, you may opt to either A) be refunded for your coupon purchase and receive the Referral Prize instead of the coupon you bought, or B) keep your purchased coupon and receive the Referral Prize in addition to the coupon you bought.

2. To be eligible to win the Referral Prize you must generate 3 successful coupon sales. If you wish, one or more of these 3 sales may be made by yourself; however, no purchase is necessary to refer people to this offer and win the Referral Prize. In order for a referral to count, I must know the name of the person who made the referral!

3. In the case of a tie in the winning number of referrals, the person who reached the winning number first will win. The official time of a successful referral will be determined by, in the case of a PayPal payment, the time that the transaction was completed; in the case of a check, the official time will be the moment that I actually receive the check into my hands. Only one Referral Prize will be awarded.

4. The winner of the Referral Prize will be notified of winning status by 10:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Friday, February 19, 2010.


Dear friends,

An amazing opportunity has suddenly appeared in my life - one of the most sought-after and highly-prized letterpress printing presses, the Vandercook No. 4, has just materialized for sale in my very own neighborhood. My friend is buying another press, and though he would love to keep this old one as well, his shop just does not have the room. He has offered to sell it to me at a good price - $5000.00, which is only what he put into it -- BUT, that is money that I do not have lying around right now!

He has given me first right of refusal: I have until the 17th of this month to buy the press; after that, because of his own timing needs, he has to advertise the opportunity to the larger community, at which point the beloved press would likely be snapped up in a couple days. Just to give an idea of how precious this opportunity is: he was on the lookout for TEN YEARS to find this press that he is now selling. When one does find a press like this for sale, it often is located several states away, or even on the opposite coast, and because they weigh over a thousand pounds, shipping and rigging can be quite expensive: sometimes even as much as the press itself. However, this press for sale is 15 MINUTES from my studio. SO, I have been thinking creatively about how to raise the necessary funds - in a very short time.

I have been wondering, How can I seize this "Golden Opportunity," and at the same time, turn it into a golden opportunity for my friends and clients?

Five years ago, with the help of a handful of wonderful investors, I bought my first letterpress - a Chandler and Price 10 x 15 platen press, which I love dearly and plan to keep. However, one of the great things about this NEW press will be that I can print much larger images, and with far better ink coverage - a must for the type of fine prints that I envision producing. And, it is perfect for printing POSTERS! -- which, I love to design. So I have decided to run this short-term promotion as a flash-fundraiser to reach my goal by... this coming Wednesday, February 17th! I invite you to join me in this short race, in support of a long-term vision.

SO -- I am offering coupons, good for one-hundred and twenty-five 11x17 single-color letterpress posters, and in exchange for the privelege of receiving the funds up-front, I am greatly discounting what I would normally charge for that job. This is how I have broken it down:

For $399.00 you can get:

1) Up to five hours of design time, working with your ideas to custom design the poster [worth $300.00 at my current $60.00/hour rate]

2) 125 11"x17" single-color posters, including paper, printing time, and the platemaking fee [all together, worth an estimated $500.00; based on professional letterpress pricing, that might even be a little low - the plate fee itself for that size runs about $115.00!]

3) Shipping [worth what? Maybe like $15.00]

That makes an $800.00+ value for only $399.00!

For those of you familiar with Letterpress prints, you know they achieve an aesthetic quality far more unique than your average run-off at the copy-center, or even from a professional offset print. This Vandercook press model was released around 1937. It is a beautiful old machine that smells like ink and grease, and the work it can produce bears this tangible, nostalgic authenticity. American letterpress posters, especially for music events, have a long and celebrated history, with one of the foremost producers being Hatch Show Print in Nashville, TN. One marketing idea for musicians would be to resell the posters at shows, say for $10 a piece. The posters could be put to many uses - gifts for wedding guests, announcing a festival or art opening, unique business promotion, or hanging on the wall.

Those who wish to contribute to this mission but would prefer to receive artwork instead of custom posters may choose the "Art Option": you can exchange your coupon for a framed, three-color, 11x17 limited-edition art print which I will create, as a thank you for your contribution. The theme of this image will be 'mermaid ritual'. (See more details in the Terms, below.)

I have been freelancing in the fields of Graphic Design and Illustration for about 6 years now since graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, and have had the great pleasure of collaborating with many of you to create the visuals that brand your creative work in the world. I am excited at the prospect of having this rare press in my array of tools to produce work of even greater beauty and influence. For those new to my work, you can see my art on my new website: www.poeticcreative.com. (I am using the name "Poetic Creative".) Once there, click on the "STUDIO" link. To see some of the letterpress prints I have done, look especially at the Matchboxes and the Dreampress Cycle.

I could go down and buy a new laptop at a local store any time I had the money, but this letterpress is a different story! The timing is crucial. One of the ways that this promotion will really work is if you all help me to spread the word about my mission! I know that many of you would do this just because you are so lovely. But to help boost the incentive to spread the word, I have created a REFERRAL PRIZE, and it works like this:

I shall give an upgraded version (200 two-color posters) of one of these coupons away FREE to the person who brings in the largest number of successful referrals! In order to enter the running for this "prize," you just have to facilitate the purchase of three coupons - and, one of those purchases can even be from yourself. So, for example, if you buy a coupon and get two friends to buy coupons, then YOU are in the running. And when you refer someone, tell them to mention your name! If you have been referred by someone, tell me who it was, so I can credit them. Whoever has made the largest number of successful referrals by the end of the time-frame will win! (The 'end of the time-frame' means 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on February 17th, or as soon as 25 coupons have been sold, whichever happens first.) And, if there happens to be a tie, the person who reached the winning number of referrals FIRST will win. Also, you can feel great about referring people, because by helping to spread the word, you are doing me a huge favor! Reviewing and posting about my project on your own blog, website, or Facebook page could be very helpful to create a fast buzz.

I have thought out some specific terms to make everything clear - please have a look at them below. When contacting me, use the following information:

Adam Agee
Work Phone: 303.731.3106
Email: scratchbuilt1@yahoo.com

You can pay easily online via PayPal just click the "Help Buy the Press" button on this webpage. You can also pay by check: just call, or email me with "POSTER COUPON" in the subject line, and I will send you the mailing address.

I make this offer to you with great respect and humility. I have tried to create a simple and widely appealing package that will stimulate participation, however, if you have other ideas about how to enhance the shared value of this plan, contact me immediately.


P.S. Because of the discount, I decided I had better put a limit on the number of coupons I let go: there will only be 25 coupons available at this price during this promotion! However, there is no individual limit beyond that to the number of coupons any one person may buy. (And yes, just as the coupon says, if you buy one, I will pay for a gallon of your favorite icecream. I won't mention names, but I think there is at least ONE person out there where THAT will seal the deal.)

Time Left:
... days
... hours
... minutes
... seconds
Welcome to the Adam Agee "Buy a New Press" Studio fundraising promotion!

An amazing opportunity has suddenly appeared in my life - one of the most sought-after and highly-prized letterpress printing presses, the Vandercook No. 4, has just materialized for sale in my very own neighborhood! I have only until this coming Wednesday, February 17th, to raise the funds to buy it! If you'd like to read the full version of the story, you can find it here.

So I am running this massive sale to raise money to take hold of this super-rare opportunity! You can get:

One hundred and twenty-five 11"x17" single-color, custom letterpress posters, including paper, platemaking fee, and printing labor
a $500.00 value, at least
Up to five hours of my design work to create the poster image
a $300.00 value
Free shipping! That is a total value $800.00+ -- which I am offering for only $399.00! It runs you about $310.00 in print cost alone to run off the same number of 11x17 color posters on 100lb paper at Kinko's, and these are custom-designed and LETTERPRESS-PRINTED!

And if you don't need posters, you can exchange the coupon for other stuff, like a big discount on design hours toward graphics, illustration, or web development. You can also choose the "Art Option" (see the Terms for details.)

You can see my work at my new website: www.poeticcreative.com. (I am using the name "Poetic Creative.")

And here is more:
I am offering a 'referral prize':I need your help to spread the word about this deal, and basically, as a 'thank you' to the person who helps me find the largest number of investors, I am giving away TWO hundred, 2-color custom posters for FREE. Please read the details in the Terms.

You can purchase your coupon(s) instantly online with PayPal by pressing the "Help Buy the Press" button below. You can also pay by check - just call, or email me with "POSTER COUPON" in the subject line:

My number: (303)731-3106
My email: scratchbuilt1@yahoo.com
help buy the press